Key Advantages

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A footprint of 25″ x 60″ and standing less than 34″ tall to bed.
A 2,000 pound mold splitting and tipping capacity.
Operates on less than 15 amps with a standard 120V receptacle.
Platens use electromagnets with over 2,000 pounds hold per platen.
Machine weighs less than 1,000 pounds.
Machine can be easily moved with a pallet jack to move inside building.
Movable platen time to opening or  close a mold is under 25 seconds.
Mold tipper 90 degree movement in under 55 seconds with a limit load to allow a faster start.
Tipper platen can be used as a work area after tipping to 90 degrees.
Minimum spacing between platens is 5″ so most small molds can be closed between platens.
Bed can be used as a work table requiring less transporting of mold halves.
Machine can be used directly on the clean room floor saving mold transport activity.
Platen movements are limited by proximity switches which will protect the machine from being damaged.
All electrical boxes are Nema 4X rated with IP66 rating.
Pilot lights for machine power and each set of magnets to  indicate that it is safe to continue operation.
Machine has an IR handheld remote control for all functions which allows the operator to stand 3-5 feet away from moving parts.